Sunday, 11 December 2011


Beef is the flesh /meat of cow. It is one of the most popular meat types under the Red Meats Category.
Lean Steak balance with Raw Greens.
Why beef: Provides protein, fat and calories to the body. Contains many other nutrients such as fairly good level of the Bs Vitamin which provides energy boost, moderate level of Vitamin A and some Vitamin E & D. It also contains very good iron content, high level of Potassium and Phosphorus, good amount of Sodium and some anti-cancer minerals such as Zinc & Selenium.
What about iron in beef: The iron in beef is very good and more usable by our body than iron from other source.

Look out! : Different cuts of meat may vary greatly in their fat content, and this is the greatest concern with meat. It is wise to eat more of the leaner cuts such as flank / round steak, rump or chuck roasts, lean ground beef or stew meat or sirloin steaks at the higher end. Although richer and fattier meat taste better and have richer flavor due to higher saturated fats content, one have to take note that too much saturated fats can make you “expand”, not mentioning the many heart health problems it may cause. However, you will be pleased to know that saturated fat plays an important role in our body so they are not enemies when in appropriate amount. Moderation is the key word. Match them with greens, especially raw ones (great heart food) as a safety net and to cut the guilt.

Rich Vege Base Oxtail Stew cooked without adding any salt or oil.
Another thing about beef is that Sodium contain in beef is high so it is good to be light on the salt when cooking beef especially for people with high-blood pressure or sodium dependant conditions. I have earlier created a Rich Vege Base Oxtail Stew for one of my client which wants to loose weight and still eats her meat. I uses many vegetables and especially fennel (refer to my earlier post) in this stew dish. In view of the natural Sodium content in both the veges and oxtail and the existing fat content of the oxtail, I do not need to add anymore salt or oil to the stew. My client is very please with it's taste and finds it better than any restaurant stew which she have tasted before. It's a very healthy and a balance meal on its own and is now my one of my favourite dish too! Natural flavor…MUAH!!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Common Meat Series

Good job for the many efforts in implementing the “raw greens” into your daily diet. I know it's not easy so it will be cool enough if you can try to make the three raw veges part of your daily diet. You will not be disappointed. Look out if your skin and health becomes “dong-i dong-i” soon...J  

Ok folks, we are moving on.
You are going to love this section. I am gonna tell you the goodness of meat food. Yes, MEAT.

Meat is basically the muscles of animals and it provides complete protein and these muscle meat are very close in makeup to human protein. Protein is one of the one major building block of our body and we need them to grow and survive well. There is nothing wrong with meat. It’s always the amount we eat, the way we eat it, prepare it and play with it. By appreciating its goodness, you will see meat with less guilt but double the enjoyment when having it instead. What can be worse than eating and feeling guilty at the same time? Hey, enjoy WISELY to good health!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Cherry Tomatoes

Doesn’t the look of the cute cherry looking tomatoes brings a smile to your face? They are definitely happy food for me, and the best part, they can be eaten either raw or cooked or both. Some say they are a fruit and some say they are vegetables but it doesn’t really matters to me as they are so delicious! They are the mainstay vegetables for many cultures around the world and they have a wide variety of uses, raw in salad and juice, in soups, in sauces, in dressings and in pizza and so many more!
Why tomatoes? They are beautifulJ, they are well spiked with potassium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A, some Vitamin E, folic acid and Bs and also contains a bit of Iron, Sodium, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium and of course, lot's of Enzymes (provided if taken raw). They are low in calories (another good news to dieters) and are mostly liquid and carbohydrates.

Another thing about tomatoes is the phytochemicals that they contains. Lycopene is the main phytochemicals of the tomato and most health benifits of the tomatoes are attributed to lycopene. Lycopene may be helpful in protecting against cancer by activating what is known as "phase II enzymes", which protect against cancer and this powerful phytochemical are able to increase the production of these enzymes.
It is true that some of the nutrient will be more concentrated in tomatoes when cooked but all enzymes will be loss. My suggestions? Eat both lah! However, as tomatoes belong to the nightshade plant family, those with arthritis may wish to practice moderation when eating them.
See how tomatoes can be such a great add-ons to our daily food creations:
From left: Minced meat brown rice, Honey Roasted Chicken, My Salad Lunch Box, Simple Tuna Salad all nicely complimented with Raw Tomatoes.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Crispy Lettuce

Lettuce. This is a common name for the many varieties of them; rocket, butterhead, romaine etc. You see them in almost all the salad dishes. They don’t just make salads beautiful, they works beauty inside you.
Why lettuce? Besides containing the powerful enzyme of raw food, it is rich in chlorophyll, Vitamin A and folic acid. It also contains healthful minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and is good fiber food to encourage smooth elimination. They are very good diet food as they are low in sodium and calories. Always choose the varieties with the richest in colour.
What about Chlorophyll? It is part of most plants, especially high in greens. It’s the “blood” of the plant with magnesium as the main ingredient. Magnesium is required for calcium absorption so that’s why I always say get your calcium from greens. Both calcium and magnesium contains in the greens are always in the best proportion so nothing beats the natural goodnessJ Chlorophyll always has a revitalizing effects when used in humans. (Always feels less “sinful” after taking some right…J)
Just look at how the greens spice up my photolicious and super-delicious food creations:

From left: Cold Soba Noodle Salad, Japanese cum Taiwan Salad (see the Taiwan "metal" eggs), Tuna Salad all beautifully lined with lettuce. Cutting the guilt can be so easy!   

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Cucumber Magic

Japanese Cucumbers
Have you eaten raw cucumber? I tell you they are the easiest raw veges to eat. They are juicy, crunchy, sweet, refreshing and simply shaped like an ice-cream stick, which makes eating them a breeze. Your mouth smells very nice too after eating them.

Why raw? Raw veges contains digestive enzymes which helps in digestions so the limited enzymes produced by your body can be used for other more important health maintenance purpose other than digesting. There's even a saying by enzyme experts that once you use up the amount of enzymes in your body, you die. Hipps** So start stocking up on enzymes now!

Why cucumber? They are almost "0" calories. Great for dieters. They are the best source of Vitamin E (in their seeds) so are great for beauty skin goers. They contain Antioxidant Vitamins such as A and C. They contains healthful minerals especially Potassium which is good to balance the often too salty food of Singapore.

Look at how I use cucumbers to add to the health factor of my not so healthy (but very yummy foods...)

From left: Take aways Party foods, Cucumber with Crab Meat, Take aways Chicken Rice

and some more...

From Left: Roast Duck Feast at home, Indian Mee Goreng (ask for more Cucumbers!)

The possibilities are almost endless. So enjoy your meals!